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But the very first step is knowing how to be in the right place at the right time. Doing so will save you 24 percent off compared to a June or July trip, but be prepared for lots of stores to be closed—much of Europe is also on vacation that month. Hitting alternative destinations is a smarter way to save. More of these tips can be found right here. Going in July means a 16 percent saving over trips in June, when summer prices are at their peak—and it also means long days of Scandinavian sun.

Why book it: You can break the bank staying at a hotel like Le Sirenuse —a global standard setter for service and style. But you can make up some of the difference by traveling in June rather than July, when prices max out in this seaside stunner of a destination. Stay in the beautiful new Boho Hotel , which just opened in December with minimalist, grey-on-white interiors in the historic city center.

Why I Don’t Recommend Visiting Most Of Europe In August

For one thing, museums like the Prado are still open—and have far fewer crowds along with plenty of air conditioning. Spend a few days in this intimate, manageable city before whiling away a romantic weekend in the surrounding Tuscan countryside, where wine tastings and hillside picnics make for the most romantic of getaways. Why book it: Nobody seems to understand why Berlin is so affordable in August; unlike other capitals that shut down for the month, Berlin is at its most alive this month.

Get tickets to the International Beer Festival or Dance in August —both events that draw continental crowds—and book yourself in to Das Stue, our favorite design-driven property in town, for a true bucket list trip. Get the Blue Lady black tea with grapefruit essence. Need a clue on why those historic ramifications look so familiar? Once home to the legendary Van Cleef family, the year-old estate has been updated as a boutique hotel where the whimsical design can only be characterized as a riotous, perfectly layered mash-up of patterns and colors.

Why book it: Barcelona offers great value all summer—and despite the fact that August offers the best prices, traveling in June or July will only cost you three percent more. Then collapse into bed at Casa Bonay , undoubtedly the most stylish new hotel in town. Check out world-class museums like the Rijksmuseum complete with a hot new restaurant , stay at ultra-hip hotels like the Hoxton , and hit the Nine Streets district for amazing shopping.

Why book it: The Guinness capital of the world, for families?

Europe Tour Packages

The exotic Lake Bled, the artistic Amsterdam, the classy Paris, the party-loving Budapest, the romantic Prague, each of these have their own charm and will attract a Europe trip planner in equal measure. Europe is also richly biodiverse; from the rugged Scottish Highlands, to the fjords of Norway, the vineyards of the Loire valley in France, the Mediterranean coast, the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, to the beautiful Alps, the Europe tourism canvas is vast indeed! MakeMyTrip curates Europe travel packages from India, to save you the trouble of trying to figure everything out all by yourself.

Whether you are looking for Europe honeymoon packages or Europe packages for families, with MakeMyTrip you know that your Europe holiday will be in safe hands. Europe tourism is really a year-round activity, since the destination is one of the most popular places to visit in the entire world. People book Europe trip packages and travel all through the year.

However, in terms of peak seasonality, the best time to visit Europe is in the months of May and June and then again in September. This is because, unlike the peak months of July and August, May-June and September months are the shoulder season for Europe travel packages. During this time, the weather in Europe is pleasant, the days are long, and the cities are not overcrowded with visitors.

This is also the best season for Europe travel if you wish to take advantage of somewhat better prices. As far as Europe tour packages are concerned, the peak season for these from May till August, when Europe is full of visitors. The traditional off season for Europe travel is from November to March, when due to the colder Europe weather, the continent receives fewer visitors.

Europe in August/ VLOG

With fewer people around, you might be able to have more face time with popular European attractions! Depending on your interest, you can book a Europe trip from India to either check out the lively summer and experience the balmy Europe weather or chill in the white Christmas and enjoy the beautiful snowy scenes and Christmas markets. Many visitors also book a Europe tour package specifically in order to attend a certain event, such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Cricket World Cup, the Tomatina festival in Spain, or even the Halloween celebrations in Transylvania, as a part of their Europe holidays.

Another very popular reason to travel on a Europe package is to see the Northern Lights, particularly in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland during winter. Europe is surrounded by seas on three sides, and a mountainous range to the east, separating it from the Asian mainland. All the major European cities are well connected to different parts of the world by air, land and sea, making a Europe tour package from India very easy to arrange. One of the best things for Europe tourism is its great air connectivity. All the major European cities like London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, among others have direct daily flights to most major cities of the world.

Europe has some of the busiest air traffic in the world. For visitors traveling on a Europe tour package from India, it takes about 8 to 12 hours to get to a European destination. Many other airlines also offer one-stop or connecting flights from different Indian cities to European cities. Thus a Europe tour package from India with flights is easy to book from any Indian city.

By Train After arriving into Europe by air, you can continue your exploration by train. In fact, the best way to explore Europe is through rail. The Eurail pass allows you to cover the whole continent, capturing the vast essence of Europe in one journey. Most European cities also have their internal metro services. By Road Continental Europe is well-connected by roadways as well. Often, a Europe tour package would include travel between different cities and through the countryside via road. If you are an Indian travelling on a Europe tour package from India, you will need a visa for your Europe trip from India.

Many European countries are covered by a single visa called the Schengen Visa, for which the processing time is roughly working days. Remember to keep enough time for visa applications for your Europe trip. You can apply for your Schengen visa up to 12 weeks before your departure date. If you are considering Europe honeymoon packages, do not forget to factor in any name change and other registration formalities. You can read more about details of visa application requirements here. Europe is a continent of endless possibilities for an explorer. If you are considering a Europe honeymoon package, you will probably also be considering Paris.

Rome: The Italian capital is at the top of the list of best places to visit in Europe, on account of the depth of cultural attractions and amazing experiences that this fun-loving city offers. London: The British capital, standing for centuries on the river Thames, offers a charming mix of heritage and modernity. Visit beautiful churches and gardens, explore local markets and art events, walk over the Millennium Bridge, watch a play or musical, and try some local cuisine.

Vienna: The unofficial cultural capital of Europe, Vienna is all about ornate architecture, opera and music, historic coffee houses and the famous Sachertorte pastry. Vienna is a popular inclusion in Europe holiday packages for people who enjoy culture and nature. Barcelona: The Catalan city in Spain with a cosmopolitan essence is aesthetically perched along the Mediterranean coast. Amsterdam: This beautiful city of canals, tulips fields, Rembrandt paintings, museums and creative architecture, is a popular place to have a memorable getaway with your friends.

This is also one of the favourite destinations of party-loving Indians looking for Europe travel packages. Prague: This magical city is known for its aesthetic bridges across the Vltava River. Historic Prague is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, and one of the most popular haunts of tourists from all over the world. The choice of places to visit in Europe is mind-boggling, and what you eventually decide to shortlist will depend on the kind of traveller you are and what your interests are.

However, here are some suggestions to help you decide:. This famous Paris landmark is the largest art museum in the world, and houses hundreds of thousands of pieces of art. This is a must-visit place for tourists in Paris. Probably the most recognised Paris attraction, the Eiffel Tower is an essential part of a Europe tour package. The wrought iron tower has recently celebrated its th birthday in Paris. Visitors can enjoy a superb panoramic view of Paris from the top floor of the Eiffel Tower.

There is also a restaurant on the first level of the Tower, where you can enjoy a drink with a view. A visit to the Eiffel Tower is a highlight of France and Europe honeymoon packages.

7 Cheap European Vacations to Take During Summer | Jetsetter

The Keukenhof Garden is one of the most popular spring time attractions in Amsterdam for families. Spread over 32 hectares of land, the gardens provide visitors the opportunity to enjoy enchanting views of tulip fields containing over varieties of tulips. In addition, people can also enjoy flower shows, inspirational gardens, events, and interesting art. Children visiting the Keukenhof Garden can enjoy the maze and petting farm, and also participate in a treasure hunt. If the dates of your Europe holidays coincide with the opening of these Gardens, do make it a point to visit.

One of the most popular tourist attractions that is included in most Europe trip packages is Madame Tussauds. Tourists of all ages can have a fun time visiting this place, admiring the likenesses of their idols and getting their pictures clicked. Offering stunning degree views of London, the London Eye is one of the leading Europe attractions.

It is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe, and during the 30 minute ride a visitor can enjoy spectacular sights over the Thames river, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, South Bank, St. A ride on the London Eye at sunset can be particularly unforgettable.

If you are a history buff, then a visit to the Tower of London is definite must-have in your Europe itinerary. Mount Titlis in the Swiss Alps is a bucket list destination for many people booking a Europe trip from India. Most people take a tour to Mount Titlis from Engelberg or Lucerne. Visitors to Mt. A visit to Mount Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe, is the highlight of their Europe holiday packages for many people. The train ride here is a spectacular experience on its own, with views to die for. At the top, which really does feel like being on top of the world, you will be surrounded by a panorama of snow and ice in every direction.

Do not forget your camera, so as to ensure that this part of your Europe tour is captured as a permanent memory! The imposing Rhine Falls with a height of 23 meters are the largest waterfalls in Europe, and are definitely among the most scenic places to visit in Europe. During summer April to October , boat trips are available through which visitors can see the Falls from up close. The Falls are also lit up at night almost all through the year. If you are planning a Europe tour from India in summer, you must add these Falls to your list. The iconic Colosseum in Rome was an ancient amphitheatre constructed in the year 80 AD.

The amphitheatre could seat as many as 55, spectators. The venue was witness to the rather gory gladiator games and executions of Roman times. Today, this symbol of imperial Rome stands as a marvel of architecture and an important remnant of the history and culture of this nation. Vatican City is an independent city-state within the area of Rome, and is in fact considered the smallest country in the world. The seat of the Catholic religion, Vatican City is among the important places to visit in Europe especially for Christians. This popular theme park located outside Paris is one of the most popular places to visit for families visiting France on a Europe tour from India.

August is when most Europeans take their annual vacation

With over 50 attractions, live shows, thrilling rides, themed restaurants and entertainment, there is plenty at Disneyland Paris to keep all the members of the family busy and happy. One of the most important places to visit in Europe during a tour of Italy is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. This free-standing bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral in Tuscany receives thousands of visitors every day. The tower, which started to lean gradually due to the slow settling of the soil in its foundation, is one of the most recognized buildings across the world.

Get your photo taken at this world-famous landmark by booking your Europe trip package. European food is as varied and interesting as the continent, owing to the accumulation of different countries and cultures that make it up. Your Europe trip is simply incomplete without trying some of the local food! If the craving for Indian food strikes you while you are on your Europe tour from India, do not despair. Here are just some suggestions of Indian restaurants in Europe that you could visit. When it comes to deciding on what to do while you are on your Europe vacation, the possibilities are endless.

The final choice will depend on your personal interests, the places you are visiting, and the amount of time you have at your disposal.

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There is a wealth of cool and interesting things to do in Europe, for people of all tastes and interests. One could spend days just exploring museums and art galleries and still have not enough time left.

Whether you prefer to spend your time taking cultural tours, going off with a camera to find the most insta-friendly locations, exploring the city nightlife, or taking tours to learn about the local food and wine scene, Europe has enough for you to keep busy. Not just the larger European cities, even the smaller towns have much to offer the visitor.

Soaked in history, culture and nature, some of the smaller towns together make up one of the best parts of Europe tour packages for many people! While it is impossible to cover the entire list of things to do in Europe in one visit, here are still some suggestions to help the first-time visitor with the task of making a shortlist of possible Europe things to do. This is something that will appeal to the adventure lovers and cycling aficionados. A multi-day cycling tour through the charming European countryside, visiting a vineyard or two, seeing how grapes are grown and wines are produced.

You will get to enjoy some great wines and taste some of the famous local cuisine. Tours like these are available in many famous wine-growing regions of Europe like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Douro Valley, Rioja etc. Many bars and hostels in Europe offer cheap pub crawl offers, and in places like Prague and Budapest, beer tends to be rather inexpensive anyway. When you think of luxury Italian cars, one of the first names that comes to the mind is, of course, Ferrari! Now not everybody can own a Ferrari, but if you dream of driving a Ferrari, then you can definitely do so on your Europe trip.

Driving a Ferrari in Italy is possible in two ways — on the open road, or on the test track. If you wish to drive a Ferrari on the open road, you can do so in Florence. Take a Ferrari on a test drive on the hills around Florence, and pick from range of experiences ranging from 18km to km journeys. Racing fans can also enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime Ferrari racing experience in Milan , where you will get to drive a Ferrari for 3 laps around a racing circuit along with a professional instructor. For lovers of speed, this is one of the most exciting things to do in Europe!

With mountains, lakes and rivers aplenty, Switzerland is the natural choice when it comes to bungee jumping.

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There are many locations where a traveller on a Europe tour package can stop by to take a leap of adventure! The most iconic, of course, is the famous Golden Eye Bungee Jump. It is the highest jump from solid ground anywhere in the world. Another popular bungee jumping spot is the Centovalli Bridge Bungee Jump near Locarno , where one jumps from the highest railway bridge in the world. If you are visiting Interlaken during your Europe tour, you can try the unique Gondola Bungee Jump when you are actually taken up in a mountain gondola and jump off from there over the lake.

A train journey is one of the most scenic and convenient ways to travel around Europe, and it is definitely the most enjoyable. Adding a Eurail pass to your Europe trip package is highly recommended, as gives you the convenience and accessibility of travelling by rail in 31 countries in Europe using one single pass, without the need to buy point-to-point tickets for each sector. You can choose a single country pass, or a global pass if you wish to cover multiple destinations.

Depending on when you book, you can actually save considerably over individual sector fares with such a pass. A Eurail Pass also offers additional benefits such as discounts on ferries and attractions in various Europe destinations, etc.